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  About Ocelot Solutions  
  Ocelot Maintenance Services was founded in the UK by Justin Byrom in 2002. The company initially concentrated on providing personal computer services to the home and business user alike. Following its rapid growth and large client base (currently boasting hundreds of active clients), Ocelot Maintenance Services became Ocelot PC Services Ltd in February 2005.

As the company expanded further into software development, web development and Apple support, it was rebranded as Ocelot Solutions in late 2008. This was swiftly followed by the company name being changed to reflect the rebranding.

Software Development

As a result of a chance conversation with Michael Hanna (Feng Shui Store) in 2003, the company expanded its (then) core strategy to include bespoke software solutions. This was a return to Justin's roots, as he started his professional career as a software developer in 1994.

Ocelot Solutions have since developed a number of software titles for the Feng Shui Store, which are still popular with the Feng Shui Store's customers to this day.

Whilst many clients have taken delivery of custom software solutions, Ocelot Solutions have taken a step into the service management industry and have recently completed the first phase of a large project to automate the customer ordering, customer works and customer invoicing process for Fuimus Building Services in South East London. The project is due to enter the second phase in late 2013, which will see Ocelot Solutions provide mobile device integration for Fuimus' engineers. This is a major step-up for Ocelot Solutions, but a challenge that we are meeting head-on as we look to provide an unparalleled level of service and post-development support to our clients.

A decade after adding software development to its portfolio of services, Justin remains the sole software developer within Ocelot Solutions, preferring to provide quality rather than quantity.

Web Development

Ocelot Solutions begain providing web development solutions as early as 2004, providing basic solutions to small home-run businesses. In 2006, more extensive web design commissions were outsourced to local web design professionals, but following repeated requests to undertake such work, Ocelot Solutions began true in-house development in 2007. 2009 saw our most successful and prolific period of web design (so much so, that once again, we had to outsource some of our work to respected web design studios).

Web design services now form an intricate part of the Ocelot Solutions portfolio of services, with several new projects regularly booked into the diary.
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  What's with the name? What's with the name?  
  Back in 2002, we were looking to establish the company by advertising heavily to gain exposure to the local population in Buckinghamshire. For that reason, it was imperative that the company had a catchy name or logo. As it turns out, we managed to achieve both!

The name is a reference to the 'Ocelot' wildcat, found in Central and South America. New clients are continually intrigued as to why we chose 'Ocelot'. It's a great way to introduce the company and ensures our clients remember us!

Since 2002, the company logo has always been a graphical representation of the ocelot paw, and is currently in its third incarnation. The latest version was designed as part of a 2009 rebranding, which aims to distance us from purely PC services and create a generic name under which we can provide a broad spectrum of services to our clients.
  Ocelot PC Services - Original logo  
  Ocelot PC Services - First revision  
  Above are the two previous incarnations of the Ocelot logo. The second (lower) of the two was the result of Ocelot hiring the services of a professional graphic designer. The general feel of the design persists today, albeit with a different company name and colour scheme.  
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