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  What is Remote support?

Remote support is the ability to take control (or ownership) of a computer over the Internet. Nowadays, many service providers such as BT Broadband offer such a service as a method for their technical support team to resolve minor connectivity, email or hardware issues. There are several different methods of achieving remote control of a computer. Ocelot Solutions use LogMeIn. LogMeIn provides several levels of remote support functionality. In normal circumstances, we use the free trial version of the product. Using the free trial product requires a little more initial set-up, but provides all the required functionality necessary for resolving most issues using remote support.

What do I need?

Remote support requires no more than the target computer having an active internet connection and the ability to start-up. Ocelot Solutions can resolve issues connected with software installations, anti-virus software, email setup, printers, home-networking, and a host of other potential troublespots. Remote support is not restricted to Windows-based computers either. Ocelot Solutions already have many customers who require support on Apple Macintosh (or Mac) computers. LogMeIn can be installed on Macs too.

How much will it cost?

You probably saw Our green policy section on our home page. At Ocelot Solutions, we are actively seeking to reduce our costs, our clients costs and also our carbon footprint. LogMeIn allows us to cut out the mileage charges to clients. We never charge for travel time, just mileage, so you will only pay for the actual time spent using our Remote support service.

Setting up LogMeIn is completely FREE. We can guide you through setting up your own LogMeIn account, which will enable you to remotely access your own computers from anywhere in the World, or you can simply add your computer to our existing account, and let us help you out whenever there is a problem.

Where do I start?

The first step is to ensure your computer has an active internet connection and it can start up to the point where you can connect to the internet. If you cannot start your computer for any reason, or your internet connection is not working, you will be unable to use this service. In this instance, refer to our
PC & Mac support section or visit our Contact section to see how quickly we can help you.

Okay, so you can start your computer and you can connect to the internet. You're nearly there! Next, you need to download and install LogMeIn. If you wish to set up your own account, you can get started right away and follow the process here. Once you have completed all the steps, Contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time to begin the remote support session. If you wish to have your computer added to our existing account, you need only Contact us to arrange a remote support session. We will guide you through the process and try and resolve the problem all in one session!

If I set up my own account, how can I access my computers using LogMeIn?

If you decide you wish to set up your own LogMeIn account, you will be able to access your computers remotely. You simply need to make sure that they are switched on and have an active Internet connection. Depending on which subscription you purchase, you will be able to access between one and ten devices remotely! You never know, you may soon be helping family and friends just like the professionals do!

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If you are interested in speaking to us about a potential remote support session, then why not give us a call or use the Contact page right away?
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  "All I can say is that it has been an absolute delight working with Ocelot Solutions, you have gone above and beyond for us, far exceeding our expectation, and you have provided us with a lesson in customer service which we ourselves would like to emulate."

(Andrew Bruce, Fuimus Building Services)

"Ocelot Solutions never let you down! It produces an unfailingly professional and quick service. The results speak for themselves. I feel very fortunate to have all my IT requirements as well as our websites' creation and maintenance to be in such capable and reliable hands. Ocelot Solutions have helped to grow my business in a stable, stress free and enjoyable manner."

(Clico Kingsbury, Dadbrook Gallery)

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