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Many off-the-shelf desktop and laptop systems look great, work very efficiently and fulfil initial user requirements, but can soon become slow and cumbersome, as newer, hungrier software is installed and users begin to push the boundaries of such systems. System manufacturers often trim performance and speed for initially attractive prices.

This can often lead to Windows-based PC systems being replaced on a frequent basis. This is a costly solution and often requires an IT specialist to transfer software and data from the old system to the new one.

A better solution to such a problem is to purchase a system which utilises the largest memory, fastest processor and houses a large amount of disk space. These are, after all, the three most important criteria when considering a replacement machine. Off-the-shelf solutions usually only incorporate such high-specification components at a premium price. This is not reflective of the true cost of building such a machine.

Tailor-made systems

Ocelot Solutions can supply our clients with tailor-made systems that provide the fastest, most reliable PC experience for an exceptionally reasonable cost, when compared with high-street prices. We listen to our client’s present needs, consider how that may expand or change in the future, and design a system specification accordingly.

We can also provide systems that already have all the required software installed, activated, configured and ready to use. No trials, no cheap equivalents - just professional, legal software on top-quality, custom-built systems.

Get in touch with us today via the Contact section, to find out how we could supply you with a custom-built system at an affordable price.
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