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Ocelot Solutions provide high-quality bespoke web design solutions that are usually lower in cost than other web design studios. Our ethos is that by designing sites for a lower, more affordable cost, our clients will come back to us for future amendments and also recommend our services to associates.

Indeed, virtually all of our web-design clients regularly request that we apply updates and amendments, as our charges are more cost-effective than for them to complete the process themselves.

Web design tools

We primarily use Adobe DreamWeaver CS6 to build our client sites, as well as other Adobe web design applications such as Adobe Flash. DreamWeaver provides a comprehensive design and delivery environment in which to preview and build great web sites quickly.

The design process

Once a client makes initial contact either via the Contact page or by completing the Web design enquiry form, the process is a simple one. Initial contact is made with the client to discuss the general scope of the project. From there, a set of requirements is created, which then forms the basis for a quotation. Once the client is satisfied that the requirements specification document fully reflects the project, a quotation is produced (which also includes initial delivery dates) and delivered to the client.

When the client is happy with the quotation, an initial payment (usually 25%) is made, which will then allow us to begin development. We will then work closely with the client during the design stage. Once complete, the design is then subject to review by the client in its beta-form. Any required amendments or additions are then made by our design team. This iterative process continues until the client is satisfied that the site fulfils all requirements. The site is then uploaded to the correct web-space upon Ocelot Solutions receiving the balance of the project costs. At this point, all web space account names, user names and passwords are also handed over to the client.

Ownership of domain names, content and access information

Whilst Ocelot Solutions may initially register domains, purchase web hosting packages and supply images and content, ownership of such information is ALWAYS passed to the client. Many web design studios are very protective of this information to the point that some will use it as a levering tool for the client to continue using them for ongoing amendments. We believe that this is unfair to the client and we will never use information for this purpose.

Provision of content and images

Ocelot Solutions will always use only royalty and copyright-free images within web-design projects, unless alternative content is supplied or requested by the client. We do NOT provide any kind of photography services, therefore any bespoke images must be supplied by the client during the project.

Though our design team will make every effort to ensure that factual content of web sites is correct, we cannot ultimately be held responsible for content. This MUST be provided and checked by the client. Occasionally, it is expected that we can create the textual content for a web site design. This is not our role and should not be expected of our design team.

As a general rule, the more content that can be provided by the client, the richer the site will be in terms of content and visitor appeal.

Web design partners

Occasionally, the sheer volume of work requires that Ocelot Solutions outsource work to a carefully selected web design studio who can understand our clients needs and produce the same quality of work that our clients are used to. One such partner is Bronislav Chury. His web design studio is based in the Czech Republic and he has worked on five projects to date. All have received great reviews and Ocelot Solutions hope to be able to improve and expand their current working relationship with Bronislav in the future. Bronek gave us this quote in 2010...
"I love creating creative web designs, business cards, logos (logotypes), company indentity or any print work. I base my work on a professional ethic of clean and 100% valid code. When I create web designs, I look at accessability and use of all internet search engines. I have recently completed many successful projects. Please feel free to look at my portfolio and site at www.bronislavchury.cz."

Speak to us today

If you are interested in speaking to us about a potential web-design solution, then why not give us a call or use the Contact page right away? For a faster response, complete the Web-design enquiry form to give Ocelot Solutions some background information about your requirements before we speak with you.

Our web design portfolio

To see some of our work and client reviews, please visit our Web-design portfolio section.
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  "All I can say is that it has been an absolute delight working with Ocelot Solutions, you have gone above and beyond for us, far exceeding our expectation, and you have provided us with a lesson in customer service which we ourselves would like to emulate."

(Andrew Bruce, Fuimus Building Services)

"Ocelot Solutions never let you down! It produces an unfailingly professional and quick service. The results speak for themselves. I feel very fortunate to have all my IT requirements as well as our websites' creation and maintenance to be in such capable and reliable hands. Ocelot Solutions have helped to grow my business in a stable, stress free and enjoyable manner."

(Clico Kingsbury, Dadbrook Gallery)

Visit our Customer feedback section to see what some of our clients have been saying about what we do and how we do it.
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